Our purpose is to inform you of our existence, so that you can decide whether what you are looking for can take place under our hospitality.

he hotel is situated in a quite interesting place in the town of Tinos island, in the middle of the distance between the port and the church and between the New and the Old Street. Which means, precisely in the middle of the town!

ΙIt is a good "base" for theo nes who want to go round the island but also for the ones who want more tranquil days within the town borders.

On the next pages you can learn and see more about the hotel, its prices, Tinos island and how to reach it, and, finaly how to contact us in case you wish to.

A few words on the hotel

The hotel houses 43 rooms, singles, doubles and triples. The atmosphere and decoration breathe out nobility, offering relaxing moments for an ideal vacation.

Room services

The rooms offer comfort and style. They are equiped with a personal bathroom, telephone, television, fridge, airconditionning, radio and private balconies with view either to the port and the rest of the islands, or to the Temple of Mary, Exombourgo and the villages.

Hotel Services

Standard services:

  • Hotel Van for transportation to and from the island
  • Dining hall for breakfast with a rich buffet
  • Bar and Main hall for relaxing
  • 24hour service

Upon request:

  • Excursions with the bus of our touristic office, Tinos Tours
  • Car/bike rental
  • Hairdressing and aesthetic services
  • Medical care

Tinos, where it is and how to get there

Tinos is the third biggest island of the complex of the Cyclades, at the Aegean Sea, Greece. It's in the centre, only half an hour away from Mykonos.

Tinos is four hours away from the port of Rafina and 4,5 hours away from the port of Piraeus with the ferry, while the fast boat will bring you here in less than 2 hours. There are plenty of during the day, so that the time of arrival and departure does not trouble visitors. In our page useful numbers you 'll also find the numbers for the Tinos Port Authority and Touristic Information, which will guide you to the timetable of the routes.

Arrivals and departures usually take place at the new port of Tinos, which is regarded to be one of the most contemporary of the Cyclades. Our little bus will be there to guide you to the hotel within 2 minutes!

Travelling Tinos

Tinos is the third biggest island of the Cyclades complex of the Aegean Sea. You 'll find tiny, big, lonely or organized beaches and pure seas. You 'll find as well the cycladic art bursting from every corner, every alley and every blue-windowed white house. Choosing Tinos as a destination will fill you in with images and experiences far away from the usual.

Legend has it that in the old old times, Tinos was named "Ofiousa", in greek meaning the one that has snakes. Untill a king sent his lovesick daughter there, and ever since the island was named after the princess, Tinos. Aeolos, the god of the wind, furious Aeolos, the god of the wind, furious after his children's death, locked himself up on her highest mountain, Tsiknias, and ever since.. well.. it's windy!

So, if you are not very fond of the wind a good idea would be to consult the weather forecast.

The most astonishing thing regarding Tinos, is her variety. A typical island of the Cyclades during the summer, the colours are mostly the ones of the wheat and the dry rocks, maching great with the traditional blue-windowed white houses.

During the winter it gets full green and by spring Tinos dresses in colourful wild flowers of all kinds.

History doesn't miss a single chance to promote herself here and there, in the prehestoric sites of Bryokastro and Smovolo, in the ruins of the ancient greek temple of poseidon, the god of sea and his wife Amfetriti, at Kionia. Then at the litterary awesome rock hill of Exomburgo, where the whole city was once locked up on, searching protection from the corsairs. and ofcourse the monasteries and the temple of Mary.

Her villages, some tiny, emerging through the pure nature, others made of old stone, one made of full marble, home of the most famous marble sculpturers of all times, Pyrgo. One enchanting fishermen village, Panormos. Then Volax, a graphic village built in the middle of innumerable huge rocks, said to be ruins of a meteor. The abandoned beautiful village of Monastiria.

Tinos's beauties, so many we could for hours be talking about her secret paths, her rare sources, her kinds and kinds of beaches. The pigeon houses, the sculpted by the wind rocks and trees, the view, the uncompetable night sky, the foods, the people, the arts, the crafts, the civilization, the fresh air. The hollyness.

But look at us here, flattering our own place. well, in any case, if your path ever brings you by, don't miss the chance to give the chance to tinos to speak for herself.

The Chora of Tinos

As almost all the island, Chora -the town, keeps its secrets hidden. Walk on the cobbled roads, let the picturesque alleys full of fresh flowers calm you, take a stroll around the small touristic shops, enjoy your coffee by the sea and let the pulse of it's nightlife take you away.

Tinos: Bars and nightlife

Chora is the main host of this category. Around its narrow streets you 'll meet an intense nightlife for all tastes, from chilling bars to clubs and afters.

Of course the night spreads at the rest of the island too. You 'll find bars in the picturesque villages as well as beach bars by the waves.

Tinos: Sea activities

There are two Diving Centres for the amateurs of thε kind and also a marine fun park, "Splash Parties", at the beach of Aghios Fokas. Furthermore, at all the organized beaches you 'll find from volley courts to renting of boats, jet ski, wind surf etc.

Tinos: Civilization

This is a category which makes the island stand out amongst the rest of the Cyclades. Civilization and folk cycladic art are to be met not only in the innumerable exhibitions, but in the great outdoors as well. You 'll find most of the exhibitions on art, culture, history etc, in town, close to our hotel, but also many of them spread around at the villages.


ΤThe hotel is open all year round. In order to make your reservation in time, contact us through the communication form or the phone numbers.

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